Call for an e-demonstration for the release of Fariba

Join us in our e-demonstration for Fariba ! Watch and share this video !

Although Roland Marchal was released on March 20th (or rather exchanged by the Republic Barbaresque of Iran), Fariba Adelkhah, research director at the National Political Science Foundation, is still an academic prisoner in Tehran.

She will be “tried” this Sunday, April 19th – the quotation marks are necessary because at no time has she been given a proper trial as her lawyer’s work has been obstructed by her jailers.

During the first hearing of her “trial”, on March 3rd – a hearing that was aborted because Fariba refused to answer in the absence of her lawyer – we organized rallies of support and protest in Paris, Strasbourg and Geneva. This will obviously not be possible on Sunday.

We have therefore organised an e-demonstration. To join us, to express your solidarity, to help “save researchers, save research to save history”, as Fariba asked us from her cell of Evin prison in a letter in January, all you have to do is watch the following video:

You will thus be counted as demonstrators.

We would also like to thank you for circulating this call to e-demonstrate among your friends, family and professional circles. Confinement must not demobilize us or contribute to the stifling of scientific freedom.

Fariba Support Committee

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Sandrine Perrot (2020, 18 avril). Call for an e-demonstration for the release of Fariba. Fariba Adelkhah & Roland Marchal Support Committee. Consulté le 20 mai 2024, à l’adresse

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