Fariba Adelkhah on hunger strike

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We have learned through social networks that on December 24th Fariba Adelkhah, research director at SciencesPo-Paris, went on unlimited hunger strike, together with another Australian academic, Kylie Moore-Gilbert, imprisoned in Evin (Tehran) :

Our two colleagues demand justice for themselves, but also on behalf of all academics arbitrarily persecuted in Iran and throughout the Middle East. According to internal sources in Evin prison cited by the Center for Human Rights in Iran, they also demand their transfer to the common law prisoners’ section of the prison – Fariba Adelkhah has been detained for 7 months, Kylie Moore-Gilbert 15 months, in the Revolutionary Guards’ section where they are subjected to « psychological torture » and « numerous violations of their fundamental human rights », in their own words.

We can confirm from another reliable and direct source that Fariba Adelkhah did go on hunger strike on 24 December.

She is facing various charges: espionage, disinformation, propaganda against the regime, and other untruths that are not only baseless, but devoid of any credibility. It appears that Roland Marchal, a CNRS researcher at SciencesPo-Paris, who was arrested at the same time as Fariba Adelkhah and is also being held in Evin prison, is also about to be formally charged, probably on the same fabricated basis.

We reiterate loudly and clearly that our two colleagues have never engaged in any activities other than scientific and that they have always carried out their research with complete independence and integrity. Their personal journey is an embodiment of the freedom of science, which they are paying for today with their personal freedom.

We demand their immediate release, as well as that of all academics, whether Iranian and foreign, arbitrarily detained in Iran – there are, alas, many of them. We reject in advance any political instrumentalization of their detention and release. Our colleagues are academic prisoners, and it is in that capacity that they must be released.

We are, of course, paying particular attention to the physical integrity of Fariba Adelkhah and Kylie Moore-Gilbert, who have gone on indefinite hunger strike and whose lives are now in danger. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for them, as well as for the arbitrary detention they are being subjected to by one of its armed branches, which commits the Iranian State itself.

We call on all of you to contact our elected representatives, institutions, and companies, and to ask for their support for the cause of our colleagues so that they may be given their freedom back.

See the support messages from their friends and colleagues here

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