5 June 2023: 4th anniversary of Fariba’s arrest

This Monday 5 June marks four years since Fariba was arrested at Tehran airport, together with Roland. She remains deprived of her freedom, even though she has been released from prison. Her rights have still not been recognised – she is of course innocent of the charges against her – and her identity papers have not been returned to her. As a result, she cannot leave Iran or resume her work as a researcher. Our thoughts are with her and Roland on this sad anniversary.

But in accordance with her wishes, our thoughts also go out to her companions in misfortune, both foreign and Iranian, and in particular to her former fellow environmentalist prisoners, as well as to all scientific and cultural prisoners around the world. The outcome of the elections in Turkey reminded us that thousands of innocent people are languishing in its jails, like our friend Osman Kavala. And we recall the arrest in Algeria of the researcher Raouf Farrah. We wish everyone a speedy release, because their struggle is our struggle.

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Sandrine Perrot (2023, 5 juin). 5 June 2023: 4th anniversary of Fariba’s arrest. Fariba Adelkhah & Roland Marchal Support Committee. Consulté le 23 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/opct

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