Fariba is out of prison, but…

We are naturally delighted that Fariba Adelkhah has recovered some of her freedom and has been released. However, we do not yet know if her release from prison is synonymous with the restitution of all her rights and, more specifically, if she can resume her research and leave Iran. We will know more in the coming days regarding the conditions of her release. For now, we cannot but acknowledge that she has spent three and a half years deprived of her freedom, without a trial worthy of the name or even credible charges. Her detention was arbitrary and legally out of line, even for the laws and constitutional provisions of the Islamic Republic itself. Three and a half years of her personal and professional life were stolen from her.

Our joy is also tempered by the sadness of the families whose loved ones, detained in equally arbitrary conditions, have not been released. Among them, six French state hostages and several dozen European citizens. Two French state hostages are in a deeply concerning state of health, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for keeping them alive. Many detainees and prisoners of Iranian nationality remain imprisoned under the pretext of national security violations, which no one can lend any credence to, not even their accusers. Only the end and redress of these inequities will appease us and restore the honorability that Iran has deprived itself of through this public policy of hostage taking and arbitrary arrests.

We will keep you informed as soon as possible regarding Fariba’s situation.

We warmly thank all those – colleagues, relatives, journalists, diplomats, elected officials – who have accompanied Fariba during her detention and count on the renewal of their support for as long as she has not recovered her full and basic rights. We express our solidarity with those who unjustly remain in prison, whether they are Iranian or not.

Fariba Adelkhah’s support committee

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Sandrine Perrot (2023, 11 février). Fariba is out of prison, but… Fariba Adelkhah & Roland Marchal Support Committee. Consulté le 23 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/opch

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