Press release 19 August 2022 : Europe should not be the useful idiot of a US-Iran deal

According to US and Iranian sources, for once concordant, but which engage only those who believe them, an exchange of prisoners (or hostages) between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran is about to take place.

The European Union has more than ten people detained in Iran on trumped-up charges of national security, but without any judicial investigation worthy of the name, and in some cases sentenced to heavy prison terms without any other form of trial or free legal assistance, as various reports by the European Parliament and the United Nations have noted.

After having provided its good offices to get the 2015 nuclear agreement back on track, which the US government outright sabotaged under the Trump administration, Europe should not be the useful idiot in the resumption of talks between Washington and Tehran. Its record in terms of the release or exchange of its hostages is much worse than that of the United States, even though it has maintained diplomatic relations with Iran since the 1979 revolution, unlike the latter.
We solemnly call upon the European Union, as well as each of its constituent states, to obtain the immediate release of its citizens, regardless of their legal status (single- or bi-national).

We respect the Iranian people, we respect the legitimate interests and sovereignty of the Islamic Republic, but this cannot be at the cost of the dignity and freedom of our fellow citizens who are in no way concerned by a standoff that extends far beyond them and who are its helpless victims. We hold responsible our elected officials and governments who now have an obligation of result: that of the freedom returned to our colleagues, close friends and relatives.

Fariba’s support committee

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