Press release 9 August 2022 : Fariba on a 5-day leave from Evin prison

Dear friends of Fariba,

We finally have some good news to share with you; or shall we say half good news, since it does
nothing to change the extreme injustice of which Fariba has been a victim since her arrest on
June 5 th 2019. At most, it provides temporary relief from her suffering.

Today Fariba has been granted a 5-day leave from Evin prison, under judicial supervision, which
is potentially renewable. At the very least this will allow her to take possession of her new flat,
since her sudden re-imprisonment in January took place just a few days after the sale of her old
flat and before she could move into the new one. (In itself, this real estate transaction is a true
feat as it was carried out under judicial and police control, within the 500-metre perimeter that
was generously allocated to her!)

We of course welcome this short respite. Yet, we can only recall the unacceptable nature of the
deprivation of freedom to which our colleague and friend is subjected, in the context of a
systematic policy of hostage-taking by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Let us not forget that Olivier
Dubois, kidnapped in Mali by a jihadist group, is not the “last French hostage”, as we have heard
and read again in recent days. It is not to diminish our indignation at his disappearance or to
harm his cause to contradict this assertion. Several French nationals are being held hostage in
Iran, as are several European nationals, and they too are the subject of extra-diplomatic
negotiations. To forget this point is certainly to risk diminishing our legitimate anger at the
cynicism and cruelty of the Iranian authorities and to harm the cause of their victims, foreign or

The best way to express our solidarity with Fariba is to (re)read her research work, in this
particular moment. Her writings remind us that the Iranian government, by detaining her, is first
and foremost repressing academic knowledge, integrity and rigour.

Welcome home, dear Fariba!

The committee

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