Vidéo : Free Fariba Adelkhah, French academic held in Iran | Pod Hostage Diplomacy, 2 février 2022

French academic Fariba Adelkhah has been wrongfully imprisoned in Iran since 5 June 2019. French President Emmanuel Macron has called for Fariba’s immediate release and denounced her incarceration as “totally arbitrary”. President Macron also stated that “Fariba Adelkhah is a scientific prisoner”. Scholars At Risk have called for Fariba’s immediate release and for the protection of academic freedom in Iran and beyond. On this episode, we have the honour of speaking to Fariba’s colleague and member of the Free Fariba Support Committee, Sandrine Perrot. Sandrine walks us through what happened to Fariba, her background, the conditions she’s being held in, her health issues as well as her unfair trial and sentence. Sandrine also talks about how the Free Fariba Support Committee was created, the toll Fariba’s imprisonment has taken on her loved ones, what the French government and European Union can do to free Fariba as well as how journalists and the public can help.

Chapter Markers

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:48 Who is Fariba Adelkhah?

00:02:53 What happened to Fariba Adelkhah?

00:06:14 Fariba’s background

00:09:03 The conditions Fariba is currently being held in

00:13:07 Health issues?

00:14:35 Consular visits from the French embassy?

00:15:06 Unfair trial

00:20:50 Free Fariba Support Committee

00:29:55 The toll this has taken on Fariba’s loved ones

00:37:22 Support from President Macron and the French government

00:40:05 What can the European Union do to help?

00:41:57 What can journalists and the news media do to help?

00:44:49 What can the public do to help?

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Sandrine Perrot (2022, 2 février). Vidéo : Free Fariba Adelkhah, French academic held in Iran | Pod Hostage Diplomacy, 2 février 2022. Fariba Adelkhah & Roland Marchal Support Committee. Consulté le 23 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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