Writing before prison. For the release of Fariba Adelkhah, a special issue of Critique internationale dedicated to Fariba

It is with great emotion that the Editorial Board of Critique Internationale is today announcing its new issue.

In collaboration with the support committee, Critique internationale, of which Fariba was a founding member in 1998, wishes to pay tribute to her work, her courage, and her commitment. Entitled “Writing Before Prison: For the Release of Fariba Adelkhah”, this special issue gathers together four of her texts that have already been published and for which we thank the publishers and the journals for their kind permission to republish here. These “selected works” from her long-lasting research make a singular voice heard, supported by an original way of thinking that rests on an acute empirical knowledge of the phenomena under study, an attention given to historical processes, and a fertile dialogue between anthropology and political science.

Beyond a mere testimony, our decision to publish this volume is also an invitation. To read or re-read Fariba Adelkhah is to support her. To quote her is to make her exist. To discuss her work is to think with her1 despite the silence imposed by her house arrest and the fact that it is forbidden for her to be in touch with colleagues. It also means understanding a methodological stance based on fieldwork, as Béatrice Hibou analyses in her introduction to this issue2.

The contributions that we have gathered here witness the ways in which Fariba has influenced, inflected, and sometimes shaken up the questionings of several generations of researchers working in fields that were not all focused on Iran and Afghanistan. Four of these scholars pay tribute to Fariba Adelkhah’s work today by introducing each article that we republish in this issue.

Hélène Combes for the editorial board of Critique internationale

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Sandrine Perrot (2021, 5 mars). Writing before prison. For the release of Fariba Adelkhah, a special issue of Critique internationale dedicated to Fariba. Fariba Adelkhah & Roland Marchal Support Committee. Consulté le 23 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/op3e

  1. See the sessions of the seminar “Sociologie et anthropologie sociale du politique”, the subtitle of which is “Penser en pensant à eux” (Think while thinking of them). []
  2. Béatrice Hibou, “Fariba Adelkhah, ou les mille et une frontières du terrain anthropologique”, Critique internationale, 90, 2021, p. 11-20. []

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